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A Diminishing Republic Dominated by Obama, or by Law?

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If you were being an American legislation enforcement officer, say a city police officer, sworn to uphold the U.S. Structure and your State Structure and to enforce your State’s penal code, and you knew of a conspiracy staying hatched to rob a bank in your metropolis, would you get ready to arrest the perpetrators ahead of they robbed the financial institution and brought serious damage to innocent folks? Furthermore, if you realized that the perpetrators have been acknowledged criminals with extensive rap-sheets loaded with crimes and misdemeanors, would you try to act speedily to hold the crime from taking place? But, what if your enjoy commander and, even, your police chief, told you to stand-down when you reported to them the incontrovertible points about the impending crime, when it was heading to arise, how it would occur, and the unique working day and time? What if they, nevertheless, instructed you that it didn’t make any difference and to ignore about it?

To solution these poignant issues, I will precisely level to an post that appeared on the entrance-web page of the August 2, 2014 edition of the “Washington Submit” entitled, “Obama readies govt motion on immigration.” This article, coming from about the most Marxist propagandizing newspaper in the state, flippantly posted this justification for journalism with the same contempt for the U.S. Structure as they did when they declared that the good (illegal) bill, Obamacare, was on the President’s desk for signature. The post ought to have, instead, be properly entitled, “Obama designs large-criminal offense to issue the illegal and unconstitutional executive order granting amnesty to further denigrate the U.S. Structure. Why is this so?

Properly, the most powerful reason is that government orders are not mentioned in the U.S. Structure. They are an abstruse generation of the U.S. Supreme Court docket. Article 2 does not, in any way, give the President authority to hold the legislative, govt, and judicial powers in 1 hand, and a bull-whip in the other. The President, as main executive, has only the distinct ability to difficulty directives, not rules, that impact only the operating standing of the staff members of the govt department. He has no electric power to unilaterally create a regulation (tantamount to a U.S. statute or code), to outline and interpret its authorized position, and to implement it. That is the specific definition of pure tyranny.

Recall the infamous government purchase issued by the initial genuine American fuhrer, Franklin D. Roosevelt, when he requested, in late 1941, that all of the innocent Japanese-Us residents be rounded-up and imprisoned in internment camps? That buy was later dominated as unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court docket, as it should have been just before it was issued. That buy was responsible for around 100 deaths in all those internment camps, and ruined fairly a couple human life. Something quite awful, after 1929, occurred to the greater part of the American men and women when they had been exposed to the extreme adversity of a Melancholy deliberately engineered by the Federal Reserve, in 1927, when it secretly ordered that 1/3 of the paper and coin dollars in circulation be taken out of circulation incrementally (Economist Milton Friedman build this simple fact). By 1929, the runs on the financial institutions and price savings and financial loans in the nation were being imminent. Then, when it occurred, the Individuals of the United States buckled to socialism, government regulation, and the philosophies of John Maynard Keynes, which were being applied by FDR in his unconstitutional New Deal. The Individuals surrendered their important liberty and flexibility to the federal authorities for some short-term bodily safety, wondering that FDR was a savior as a substitute of the demon he was. There were at that time a couple American constitutional patriots who fought Roosevelt, but through FDR’s deceitful conspiracy and collusion, proven as a result of specific historic analysis, they misplaced the struggle.

The initial executive buy was, astonishingly, rendered by superior old President George Washington when he took it on himself to do the position of Congress by ordering the setting up of the first federal mint. Congress should really have tongue-lashed Washington and explained to him never ever to assume a legislative energy that rightfully belongs to the Congress. However, Washington was not reprimanded (he was, for some rationale, extolled) for his usurpation of the U.S. Constitution, and a precedent was unconstitutionally established that a President has the power to problem “executive orders.” Yet, the outdated, but real, aphorism, “give them an inch, and they will consider a mile” was exemplified by that occurring, and has been evermore real in the passage of background because that initial unlawful buy was presented.

Now, getting back again to unlawful immigration, there are guidelines, U.S. Codes, that have been handed by plural (Democratic and Republican) Congresses, and signed by standing U.S. Presidents, likely back to Harry Truman, which make illegal immigration into the United States, throughout U.S. borders, a crime, and actionable by federal legislation enforcement. In accordance to standing law, any federal law enforcement officer can intervene in the commission of a federal crime, this kind of as financial institution robbery, kidnapping, shoplifting, and illegal immigration. If they deliberately don’t intervene all through robberies or kidnappings, they won’t be able to use, as an excuse for not intervening, that it was not his, or her, jurisdiction. This applies to all federal law enforcement officers, the FBI, the U.S. Marshall’s Company, the DEA, the ATF, and many others. For example, if an armed, or unarmed, U.S. Border Patrol officer or INS (ICE) agent witnesses a financial institution theft, a kidnapping, an act of shoplifting in DC, or an act of unlawful immigration, he, or she, has the authority to intervene, to quit the crime, and to arrest the perpetrators. If an FBI agent, perchance, witnesses a van-load of unlawful aliens, from Tijuana, Mexico, unloading in Chula Vista, California, he has the jurisdiction to intervene and arrest the aliens and transform them over to the U.S. Border Patrol. This is only as realistic as the obligation of a deputy sheriff to have the jurisdiction to enforce any, and all, state legislation in any metropolis in that county exactly where the local police are not witnesses to crimes that are fully commited. The object of law enforcement, federal, state, and local, is to keep the public peace and safety for the residents of the States who are American citizens, as a result of the proper enforcement of all legislation, federal, state, and community, legislated and enacted for the community great. When these legislation are intentionally not enforced, the peace and stability of the People today, for which these laws had been meant, diminishes in proportion to the diminution of law. I feel that this is what the Honorable John Adams intended when he solemnly said, “We are a country of legal guidelines, and not of adult men.”

So, in the commencing of this essay I asked what you, an American peace officer, would do if you knew that a sordid federal criminal offense, a felony, experienced been planned, and when it was heading to be perpetrated. If you also realized that the federal legislation enforcement officers, sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to enforce all standing federal laws, were being going to standby and enable the crime to be fully commited, what would you do? I have some associates who are federal regulation enforcement officers, FBI and U.S. Border Patrol, and some associates who are Division of Justice lawyers. And you know what? They don’t give a diddly-squat about no matter whether superior-crimes are becoming fully commited by the U.S. President and what a disgrace it is! These federal excess fat-cats are much far more interested in keeping an unlawful status quo, in buy to proceed having their paychecks and retirements, than in the rule of law. All of them are bowing to their boss, Eric Holder, and expressing to him, “You are command, which is your fuhrer’s command, is my wish to enforce.” Would you, a sworn peace officer, toss-up your hands and say, “You will find nothing I can do?” Or would you do some thing, maybe one thing a bit drastic?

Of training course, what you would have to do is to first appear to a summary as to no matter if the issuance of an unconstitutional executive buy is fundamentally tantamount to the fee of a bank theft, murder, or kidnapping? Let’s, for a minute, go back to FDR and think about a blatant correlation that cries-out for recognition. When that fascist President illegally requested the internment of over a million Japanese-Us citizens, U.S. citizens, and some of those folks died in the course of their internment, was that purchase tantamount to a felony? Were all those deaths the outcome of the commission of involuntary manslaughter, or murder by Roosevelt’s henchmen? When American citizens instantly suffer, to the level of demise, by the issuance of unconstitutional executive orders, shouldn’t one thing drastic be accomplished? Will Obama’s buy to give amnesty to unlawful aliens, in immediate violation of federal legislation, lead to the Folks of the United States (the inhabitants of your Point out) to go through from crime, deficiency of careers, and intentionally engineered social disorder (70 % of the violent crimes in San Diego are dedicated by Hispanic unlawful aliens)? My feeling is, and will endlessly be, that when the standing federal, state, or community laws are discounted, negated, overlooked and unenforced by the main regulation enforcement officers and their immediate enforcers, anarchy will preside, which calls for that system, allowing for these types of absence of law, to be abolished and a new technique instituted which will make sure the blessings of liberty and independence for the People today. This is only the recourse said in that blessed document that was the foundation of American republican government, the Declaration of Independence.